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Sick'n tired of the umpteen hundreds park-bench micro?

Sometimes I feel that Geocaching, slowly but surely, has become ‘the fashion’. Hordes of new cachers now populate the websites; anyone who has ever heard about coordinates sets off to find some caches – and (worse!) hides them himself. Without employing any common sense, or moreover, work. Please!

The result of this is already out there to be admired: in paper bags; in boxed McDonalds salad bowls; in surprise egg tins wrapped in tape; and every park bench or telephone booth is being affectionately equipped with a film canister – statistic rules!

Generally nothing can be said against statistic caches; every crash barrier micro has for sure its justification and its value. If somebody wants to find exactly this kind of caches I will surely not try to talk him out of this!

But imho the very point of geocaching is lost through this, and the hobby becomes less and less fun. For many only the statistic point seems to count; it’s no longer that “the path is the goal”. I prefer to find boxes which show the love that has gone into them – but that’s MY preference. There are many ways to blessedness and everybody should chose the way that suits him most! :)

So I want this website to be understood not as a parol AGAINST some kind of caches, but as a platform FOR special boxes. Only caches which are either made with highly technical work, demad a great deal of difficulty or terrain, or differ in another positive way from the ‘film-canister-under-park-benches’ fodder, will make it here.

I am longing for beautiful caches; exciting caches. Affectionately created boxes which clearly show the work and love that has gone into them. Breathtaking locations; cleverly described systems, enthralling stories. Caches with spirit, heart and soul. With espirit, thought, and that “special something”. Things that make the search for a cache an adventure, and stick in your mind. THIS is what I want to find. :)

This will help caching get better again, and may we say from the bottom of our hearts: TFTC!


The Lady, Jan Ole and team


Geocaching Voor Iedereen

We cooperate with the Dutch website "Geocaching Voor Iedereen". Once a month, the "cache of the month" is awarded to the Netherlands and Belgium. These caches are automatically nominated for BesserCacher as well. You can recognize these caches by the special banner in the cache view.

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