Sick'n tired of the umpteen hundreds park-bench micro?

Sometimes I feel that Geocaching, slowly but surely, has become ‘the fashion’. Hordes of new cachers now populate the websites; anyone who has ever heard about coordinates sets off to find some caches – and (worse!) hides them himself. Without employing any common sense, or moreover, work. Please! The result of this is already out there to be admired: in paper bags; in boxed McDonalds salad bowls; in surprise egg tins wrapped in tape; and every park bench or telephone booth is being affectionately equipped with a film canister – statistic rules!

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You know a special geocache, which necessarily belongs to our map? Then you can suggest it and let the whole community participate.

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And that's how it works explicitly intends NOT to be a rating platform. GC vote and similar platforms already do that job just perfectly, so there is no need for me to re-invent the wheel. :)

Furthermore, all caches are so different, that the many kinds of rating criteria automatically cause problems – either you choose all the points that have to be rated (beauty, location, story, character of the box, difficulty of the mystery, etc...), but nevertheless are never able to do justice to ALL the caches, because there will always be points that are not listed in the rating, that make one particular cache so special – OR you choose a common rating, like GC vote.

This certainly enables us to see at first glance, if the majority of the former finders thought that this cache was good or bad.

But it says nothing about ‘WHY’.

And that’s the gap I want to fill with this site.

1. On this site, no ‘negative advertising’ will be allowed; I want to concentrate on the GOOD things.

2. In my opinion a cache that has been created with a lot of love and effort, deserves for you to write some words about it, rather than just clicking on a star or a number.

So here is my concept:

Almost every recommended cache has its own thread, in which you will find a description of exactly why THIS particular cache is so very special.

In this thread others can answer in support of the poster’s opinion, or express a different opinion.

If some members think that the cache is not that good at all, a poll will be opened, whether it stays listed or not - because this will be a collection of really SPECIAL caches. And especially when you’re new to geocaching, you tend to be very enthusiastic about things which will make you hang your head in shame later. (I still remember the first film canister I found inside a metal fence. I was absolutely crazy about such a cool and special hide!!! :D)

A very important note from me: If a cache is NOT listed at, this does NOT (!!!) mean that it is bad! There are certainly some unnumbered, good and solid caches which are absolutely o.k., but just not SPECIAL – and even more cool, great and amazing boxes that simply haven’t found their way to this site yet. (And here I have to ask for a bit of common sense: A cache in the tank of a Dixi toilet is definitely “special”, but I’m sure everyone will understand, that this is not the meaning of “special” we are looking for on this site...)

Once again: This site is not a place for bad ratings. Every film canister, every statistic cache, has an absolute right to be hidden and to be found; and there are enough people who want to find exactly this kind of cache. wants to be a platform for people who love the SPECIAL, without judgement. Okay?

So if there is a cache which in your opinion is very special and should therefore be listed on this site, then here are the different ways to get it here:

- You register at the forum, open a thread in your specific country or province, and describe why this cache is so very special. That’s the way I prefer, but it isn’t popular to nominate one’s own caches.

- You send me an email (that’s okay for your own caches!), and write a few sentences about why you recommend this cache. I will open up the thread for you.

In every case I am only the receiver and the executioner; this site does not exist on my opinion (except for when I recommend a cache myself), but from the participation of its members. I do not decide which cache will be listed; and it is the community which votes a cache out again. That could just as well happen to a cache I recommended. We live in a democracy and I am no goddess :)

I hope I haven’t forgotten anything. For further questions you can contact me any time via email.

Have a lot of fun at!

The Lady, Jan Ole and the Team of BesserCacher

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